Whoopee do two!

Write Dorne

There was no drama and I’d barely started to read The Tiger 🐯 That Came To Tea to hubby, before the huge recovery wagon turned up, to rescue us…from me!
Our car is now at the garage having her battery charged. (I could use my battery charging. Why hasn’t somebody thought of that yet? Just top us up…say once a month.)
Who would have seriously thought that blow drying my hair, watching the entire series of 24 and having the car at a very healthy sauna type temperature would have drained the car battery? I ask you – why doesn’t someone make a proper car?
Anyway, we are back home and hopefully the car will feel much better later on today.
The other option would have been to give it a good run out somewhere. But I’m a bit busy to pop to Edinburgh today.
My phone battery is dying…

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